The Royal Abu Dhabi Tour / (6 hours)

Abu Dhabi, Capital of UAE and its home of culture, Abu Dhabi meaning is “Land of Gazelle” in Arabic. It was founded when a young antelope led a wandering tribe to fresh water on an island. After breakfast & check out from the hotel in Dubai, the trip to Abu Dhabi starts.

The first stop in our tour is at “Emirates Palace Hotel”, the iconic lavish property that stretches over a kilometer from wing to wing, and 1.3 km private beach, the hotel also has 114 domes.

The Royal tour continue without disruption in its level to “QASR AL WATAN”, a presidential palace that opens its doors to public to discover the legacy of knowledge, Arabian heritage, and culture, and enjoying the experience of this piece of art and architecture.

Last stop is at one of the world’s largest mosques that houses the world’s biggest chandelier and handcrafted carpet. “Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque” does not introduce its-self as only a unique design taken from several Muslim countries but also as the only mosque that captures unique interactions between Islam and world cultures.

Start from

Abu Dhabi


6 hours



Extra Activities :

  • Louvre Abu Dhabi ticket
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