Yas WaterWorld Abu Dhabi

Explore Yas Water world Abu Dhabi nestled in Yas Island. The iconic waterpark has more than 40+ fun-filled slides, rides, and attractions. A perfect family entertainment destination, this Emirati themed water park will definitely create a splash. Experience a super thrilling adventure in the Yas Water world while surfing at the largest surf-able sheet wave. The rides of the park include Sebag, Jebel Drop, Marah Fortress, Al Rah river, Bubble Barrel, Rush Rider, Liwa Loop, Hamlool’s Humps, Falcon’s Falaj, Tot’s Playground, Yehal, Bandit Bomber, Slither’s Slides, Yadi Yas, Canon Point, Amwaj Wave Pool, Jabha Zone, Water Wars, etc.

If you are looking to relax in private with your family and friends, then you can go for Al Waha’s Cabanas at the Yas Water World Abu Dhabi. You will find plenty of shops, restaurants inside the park

Kid's friendly

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